What we want is not simply serving you a meal, but a real experience.
The constant and continuous search for flavours, combinations and balances, the combination of our dishes with selected labels from our cellar are a constant motivation for a kitchen in continuous evolution.


Only top-quality ingredients can be a great culinary experience.
For this reason, we choose only the best and freshest products, with guaranteed traceability and carefully selected on a seasonal basis.


Part of ourselves is the secret elements of our flavours.
The search for the best cellars both in the region and nationally, allows us to create new pairings that can enhance every aspect of the characteristics of our dishes.


There is no innovation without tradition.
Our dishes are the result of a meticulous exploration of new flavours, influences and innovative techniques, without forgetting the roots of Ligurian cuisine, where the contrasts and recipes come from journeys through time and the world.


We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our guests.
Locanda is made by its guests, the atmosphere is convivial and relaxed, the sounds of glasses and forks a real soundtrack.
In this dancing parade of dishes, scents, faces and laughter, while the quiet chat of our customers gives the rhythm of our evenings.

Come and discover our tasty corner of the world.